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 I haven't done an update for a while.

Ryan is as of last month on a 12 month MRI Schedule. HE has had no tumor recurrences  in other areas for almost two years now.

He will start school next year - Its all very scary. He has just grown up so much. I dont know where the time went. He is a typical almost 5 year old - doesn't listen when I tell him something, very energetic and hates going to bed when I tell him to.

I still love watching him sleep and I still look back on what we've been through, I am very lucky to have him.

xox Kate
Firstly I would like to take the time to tell you a little about Ryan before I explain the Contest...

Ryan Christopher is One Year old. For most of his life he has been on Chemotherapy as he has a extremely rare brain tumor which was diagnosed at three months old.

Ryans next MRI is in December, nobody knows what the result could be. Financial problems are becoming a problem as Ryans Mother cannot work as Ryan is always sick. If Ryans situation in December becomes worse then Fundraising will begin to take him to MD Anderson for a consultation in the United States.

It is suggested by Oncology that in Ryans lifetime he may battle more than one cancer. Ryan will have to come off of Chemo in April as Etoposide Oral VP16… can cause Luekimia and after 12 months it is an increased risk.

Ryans story does go alot deeper than this, To read Ryans Life Story please…

            :spotlight-left:CONTEST TIME!!:spotlight-right:

:pie: THE TASK:

Create a graphic which Ryans Army can use for Profile Box Comments. The Graphic will be used to say "Thank you" to people who have expressed there Sympathy, Donated there services or Linked Ryans Army in there Profile.

You may use any of Ryans Photos of :icontheechelon: if you wish to include him in the deviation.


Before I list them donations are still open for prizes. You can donate a journal feature to the list or something else if you like!

SO far the prizes are as follows:

:greenprobe:Your art FEATURED on Ryans Journal for 7 Days
:greenprobe:Your artistic abilities featured in Ryans MySpace Profile
:greenprobe:Your art FEATURED on :icondonttouchfoxy: Journal for 7 Days
:greenprobe:An Editorial about your art on Ryans HOVERSPOT and FACEBOOK
:greenprobe:When the graphic is used it will link back to your DA

(You may also add your DA/website link to the Graphic to show you are the artist)


Deadline is the 2nd Of December. You have TWO weeks :D

If the contest recieves donations I will of course draft a second and third prize!

Thank you for reading!